ViDrate Enhanced Hydration

Discover the most effective hydration powders to re-energise the body and mind. ViDrate electrolyte powders are available in various tasty, refreshing flavours - plus, they’re 100% sugar-free and vegan. Simply add to water for instant hydration whenever you need it, no matter what time of day. Click here to learn more and grab some free samples or one month free when you subscribe. 

Discover ViDrate Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder UK

Stay hydrated, stay healthy. Whether you’re a gym bunny, a busy parent or struggle to drink enough water through the day, you need to invest in a delicious hydration supplement to ensure optimal well-being. 

Our hydration powders are infused with essential vitamins like metabolism-boosting B5 and B6. They also contain an appropriate dose of electrolytes for maximum hydration and energy. Want to enhance the look and feel of your hair, skin and nails? You can find our probiotic and collagen vitamin drinks for sale online here or at selected retail stores.  

Quench your thirst and satisfy cravings with mouth-watering flavours like winter apple, mojito and mixed berry. Each hydration powder sachet is packed with natural ingredients and is vegan-friendly. These sugar-free electrolytes are a must-have for those following a keto diet to avoid dehydration and remain balanced. 

Never worry about missing your water intake quota again. It’s time to feel your best with ViDrate hydration supplements and replenish, rehydrate and re-energise on the go. So, check out our full range here to get started today.

The Benefits of Hydration Powder for Water

Drinking enough water daily is vital for overall health. Not only does it keep internal organs functioning, but it also clears the skin, brightens the eyes and keeps joints flexible. 

That’s why we formulated the best-tasting hydration supplements for people who struggle to drink plain water. We help people of all ages and backgrounds stay hydrated and nourished with dynamic vitamin drinks you can take anywhere. 

Hydration drink powders can also improve sleep quality. In fact, deeper sleep is finally within reach, thanks to our Night Time Hydration Sachets packed with slumber-inducing magnesium and chamomile!

Adding our vitamin and electrolyte powder to your water is a surefire way to stay energised. Try drinking your favourite flavoured sachet after a workout to replenish electrolytes, or start your day with a fruity boost of hydration and get more done. 

Let’s explore more reasons why it’s crucial to stay hydrated:

  • Boost Brain Performance - dehydration can affect your cognition ability and reduce concentration. Using a hydration supplement will ensure your brain is functioning at optimal levels. 
  • Weight Management - drinking water with a tasty hydration supplement can leave you feeling full and satisfied between meals and reduces the need to snack on sugar-filled food. 
  • Decreased Joint Stiffness - It’s vital to hydrate the cartilage between joints as they’re made up of 80% water. Sipping on water throughout the day is a great way to stay flexible at any age.

Save Money with a Subscription

ViDrate offers customers a convenient way to stay hydrated. With our subscription, you can try different flavour vitamin powders and choose your favourites. Before committing, we’ll give you a free sample, and if you sign up, you’ll receive the first month totally free! So upgrade your health and lifestyle and subscribe to ViDrate right here today. 

What is ViDrate?

ViDrate has been created to help you drink more water.If you struggle with drinking water on a daily basis, ViDrate can help you! We contain natural flavours to help make the water extra tasty and at the same time, we are a zero sugar product and contain vitamins and electrolytes.
Simply add 500-700ml of water to one sachet and enjoy tasty hydration. Can also be enjoyed with hot water in a mug for those wet/winter days.

Can I drink ViDrate hydration powders when pregnant?

In short - yes, we have many customers who are pregnant who use ViDrate to help get their daily hydration. For all our hydration products ViDrate is suitable to be consumed by pregnant or breast feeding women. If you are pregnant or known to have blood pressure issues please do consult a doctor first before consuming and in general, if unsure, it is better to consult the midwife/health care professional for advice before consuming as it depends on a case to case basis.

Is there a limit to how many sachets I can drink per day?

ViDrate electrolyte powders are formulated with natural ingredients. They are zero sugar, low-calorie and safe to drink throughout the day. Adults should aim for 2 litres of water daily, so ViDrate recommends 2-3 sachets per day to help you reach your hydration goals.

How many calories are in each ViDrate hydration powder sachet?

Each sachet/serving contains approximately 6-7 calories.

Can children drink ViDrate vitamin drinks?

ViDrate has been developed for all age groups. If you have any queries regarding the ingredients of our products it is always best to consult your GP first if you have any concerns.
ViDrate has launchedViDrate Minisspecifically designed to help encourage kids to enjoy their drink more and get the hydration they need.Click hereto find out more.
ViDrate Boost (caffeine version) and ViDrate Night Time are recommended for 18 years or above. All other sachets are suitable for 3 years or older.

Is ViDrate suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Our products are suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians.