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Kick out the sugary energy drinks, teas and coffees and kickstart your healthy hydration. Enriched with electrolytes, vitamin B5 & B6 as well as 30mg (Mixed Berry) and 90mg (Guava) of caffeine, our Boost range is the perfect pick me up!

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Introducing a Natural Way to Boost Energy 

Did you know that increasing your water intake has many health benefits, including clear skin, better sleep and more energy? Unfortunately, most people avoid water and drink sweet-tasting cordials, coffee and soda, which can wreak havoc on the body. So it’s time to ditch the sugar and get more water. 

You can easily amplify those health benefits with a ViDrate vitamin energy boost powder, available in a luscious mixed berry favour.

Formulated with essential vitamins, electrolytes and 30mg of caffeine, our Boost hydration powder is the perfect pick-me-up whenever you need it. 

Sweetened with Stevia, a natural, plant-based sweetener, you can boost your energy levels while staying sugar-free. In fact, our energy drink sachets are ideal for those following the keto diet or managing weight. 

So smash your water intake goals and experience newfound energy with ViDrate Boost energy sachets. Why not experiment with our other hydration supplements and subscribe for a monthly bundle? You’ll receive the first month free and save 30% - click here to learn more. 

Zero-Sugar Energy Boosting Electrolyte Drink UK

Electrolytes are vital for balancing energy levels. So the main minerals we use in our Boost powder are sodium chloride and potassium. Plus, it’s enriched with vitamin C and B12, making our Boost energy sachets the perfect drink for hydration.

If you lead an active lifestyle and want to enhance your daily performance, you must replenish and rebalance your electrolytes. Unfortunately, not everyone can meet those requirements through diet alone, so it’s essential to supplement with a super tasty electrolyte powder to avoid dehydration.

Choose your favourite flavour and bundle them up in a money-saving monthly subscription. If you want to explore the various ViDrate hydration products, you can enjoy a free sample before committing to a bundle. Click here to learn more about our taster packs.

Once you become a ViDrate member, you can enjoy many benefits, including our rewards points scheme called V-Points. Collect points for birthdays, referrals and subscriptions and use them to purchase any of our ViDrate products.


Yes, our mixed berry Boost sachets are 100% vegan-friendly.
It’s essential to balance your electrolytes for optimal hydration. Lack of electrolytes in the body can lead to fatigue, low energy levels, muscle weakness and cramps. Maintain your electrolyte balance with our great-tasting hydrating powders available online or in selected retail stores like Holland & Barrett.
Our Boost sachets are sugar-free and are sweetened naturally with Stevia.