My Lockdown Fitness Diary - Top Tips!

Hi everyone Ollie here, I have created my first blog to give you an insight into my goals at the moment as a lot of people are in the same position with regards keeping up their fitness. 

Running hydration 

During lockdown I decided I wanted to become fitter and healthier. I have always been very sporty, competing in a variety of sports including rugby, climbing and football, however from the start of lockdown I completely lost focus on being kind to my body, especially my water intake. Being involved in sports, I have always been told hydration is vital however it has never been something that I found easy to manage and upkeep, not only when doing sports but even my day to day life. Since starting my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at ViDrate, I have been informed by Nick and Rob (the co-founders) how important staying hydrated is. ViDrate as a product increases my water intake by providing a delicious twist to my water but also gives me B12, Vitamin C & all the electrolytes I need to keep me hydrated throughout my day and in my journey to becoming a fitter, healthier version of myself. 


Throughout this journey I have tried many ways of staying motivated and on track.


Hydration Electrolytes


Here are a few of my top tips to getting fit and improving my overall health and hydration:

 - A good night's sleep - getting quality sleep, as everyone knows, is so important. Personally, I have trouble with both falling and staying asleep throughout the night - to be part of the launch of ViDrate's Night Time sachet was great! I learned that the product contained 5-HTP, L-Theanine and magnesium, which are massive contributors to a good night's sleep. Since using a sachet each night with 300ml, an hour before bed (I personally have mine warm), they have improved my sleep considerably - I find I fall asleep faster and have less interruptions.


 - Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier - Recently, I have started trying to get to sleep a lot earlier so I can wake up earlier. Since doing this I feel my productivity has increased massively due to both more sleep and a better sleep pattern. Currently, I wake at around 5am, giving me time to get prepared for the day ahead and I try to be ready for sleep by around 9pm, allowing me to get the recommended 8 hours sleep. 


Sleep well calm

- Eating healthy and prepping meals in advance - by doing a little research into getting healthier there is a constant reminder that diet is the biggest contributor to improve overall wellbeing. By giving my body the right fuel, I have felt a significant difference in myself over all, especially in my energy levels. I try to get a good portion of protein with each meal and ensure I am eating a huge variety of foods from every food group. 


Workouts - due to COVID19, I have not been able to go to the gym or play football so I made it my mission to find different avenues into getting fit. I have done this by gaining help and advice from friends, family and reading a variety of books and listening to audiobooks that give different perspectives on staying healthy. My day to day routine consists of training different body parts with weights in the morning with the help of a schedule of which body part I train for which day and getting a run under my belt several times a week varying the distance and time to keep my cardiovascular fitness at a good level.


Creating and sticking to a schedule - Sticking to the same schedule is very important. It is natural for people to struggle and lose the drive to meet your goals, however it is important to keep determined and work through the down days when you have little enthusiasm! I have personally struggled here and at points have not been strict enough with my diet after and had late nights that have thrown off my sleeping pattern. However I've learnt that it is all part of the process and mistakes will be made but motivation needs to be maintained throughout!


I am always learning and wanting to improve so please do pass on your tips on everything hydration, sleep and fitness related. Part of my role is managing ViDrate social media accounts so that is the best place to find me!