ViDrate's New Office

At ViDrate, we are continuously working to expand and develop as a brand for our community & customers. As many of you will have seen and heard our ViDrate family has already grown. On the 31st December 2020, it was just Nick and Rob... Fast forward to 31st March, we are now a team of five working as a tight knit group to bring you all unique content as well as getting your orders delivered out to you as fast as we possibly can.


With the growth of the business this means we need extra space and storage. Initially Nick found an office that was large enough for us to work in day to day as well as store the sachets and fulfill orders. This was planned to be the case until 2022 at least, this plan lasted a massive three months! Due to our incredible ViDrate Community and the support of all our amazing customers we have already outgrown the office! Don't worry though we won't be getting rid of it we just added two new offices into the mix.


Natural Hydration


What does this mean? It means… Nick, Ollie and Amber are moving out!! We are so excited that we get to watch the company grow and move into a brand new office within the same building as our current office. It isn't quite ready yet though. As the building and decorating isn't quite finished as of yet the team are hoping to be moved in early next week and it is very exciting as there are many opportunities that the new office gives us! We are planning out lots of ventures from decoration, layout to how we can include our ever growing community.


There has been lots of debates within the team regarding decoration and the whole team wants to make it something to remember. Ollie and Amber have developed an idea to create an amazing space dedicated for the lives and any videos that we bring you and this will enable them to bring you guys more dynamic content for the lives as well as some new competitions to be featured within the lives!


Expanding into a larger space allows us to bring you lots of in-depth videos, podcasts and lives every day. Our community have requested to see how we work within a team and what we get up to whilst working within the office. Nick & Rob originally wanted to keep the new offices within the same building as they wanted to demonstrate how important it is to remain as one team but also be able to respect the space that we all need to bring the community the best aspects of the business.



We have also taken on a new room to store all our sachets so we will never be short on stock for you guys. Ryan will stay within our current office, giving him much more room to grow his team and organise a process to make picking, packing and sending out orders more efficient, this will eventually be filled with his very own team who will all take part in getting your orders picked, packed and sent out to everyone.


What does this mean for the future of ViDrate? It means every day we are growing and as a family we get to work hand in hand as a team and keeping all the work in house for as long as we possibly can has been a vision for Nick and Rob since they started the brand. It also means that there are a lot of new prospects involving our whole community but the main question is… Are you in for the ride with us?