Your Mental Health

Mental health has been around forever, however, it seems that only in the last few years has mental health awareness received adequate spotlight is.

Mental health is an issue that affects all age groups and walks of life, with increases in national events like mental health awareness week, people are encouraged to talk about their issues and open up to people around them. The normalization of these issues and conversations helps us to realize that others are going through similar struggles and there is always someone out there to talk to about your troubles.


Raising mental awareness

There are some great 'quick wins' that can help to improve mental health, having a healthy diet and staying hydrated is a huge help when it comes to maintaining a good mindset, we are frequently told as a brand that people struggle to stay hydrated and drink enough water. It is our mission as a brand to give people the drive to drink more water. That is why we set about creating the first zero sugar, natural hydration product of our kind!

Diet has a much bigger impact on mental health than people realize. It is recommended that your meals contain a balanced variety of foods, as every food group has its benefit to your overall health and wellbeing.

However, this does not mean it's not ok to have a takeaway every once in a while… and we also believe that almost everything is fine in moderation. We know it is not always possible to plan your meals and be in the mood to cook a healthy feast from scratch after a long day, so it's fine to treat yourself to a ready meal or a takeaway occasionally!

As well as having a balanced diet, exercise is a massive contributor to maintaining a good mental state, whether you enjoy walking, running, football, rugby, cricket, Pilates, yoga it is strongly advised that you remain active! When exercising, endorphins are released into your brain, not only is your brain pumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious!

Keeping the mind busy is a great way to keep a positive mindset, from personal experience, I noticed that when I feel I am making progression whether that be through work, school, fitness, etc. I feel significantly better in myself. Since becoming a part of the ViDrate team, I have focused almost entirely on the progression of myself and ViDrate.

Keeping my mind busy and setting constant goals/tasks have been a great way to steer my mind away from dwelling on issues I previously did frequently turn my mindset to positive things and things that will give me the drive to better myself!

Running for mental health

I also believe by surrounding yourself with the right people, with a similar mindset has a massive impact on mental health. If you are constantly surrounded by negative thoughts and opinions, it will begin to harm your views and mood. When you surround yourself with people that strive for progression and success, it will give you a wider perspective and a positive mindset!

These are just some of my thoughts and findings on mental health, it would be amazing to hear some of your ideas and comments on my blog.