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By purchasing from the ViDrate bottle range you are not only cutting down on your use of single use plastic you are also saving money on the go! At ViDrate we only provide the highest quality products, our entire bottle range has gone through a series of tests to guarantee they are the best of the best!

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hydration drink with vitamins and electrolytes and zero sugar
ViDrate Timer Bottle

£15.45 £12.95

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A reusable water bottle will help you cut down on plastic waste and save you money when you're on the go. ViDrate is a company with a passion for reusable products, so can afford to charge less for premium reusable bottles made from the highest quality recycled materials. We focus our efforts on reducing our environmental impact, offering the best customer service & a money back guarantee. Get free UK delivery on all orders over £30, with international delivery available on all orders.