ViDrate is a Hydration Sachet product that has been created to help you drink more water and improve daily hydration. ViDrate contains added vitamins & electrolytes and contains zero sugar. Enjoy flavours including Lemon, Lime & Mint, Tropical, Mixed Berry or Strawberry & Lime. Simply pour your ViDrate sachet into water & shake to improve the taste of your water & get those vital vitamins and electrolytes into your day to day hydration!

We are excited to introduce our brand new range of ViDrate Women's clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies & toodies (a long sleeved t-shirt with a hood). With more lines coming very soon, wear the ViDrate V with pride at work, at the gym or on your next adventure walk. Our stylish and functional clothing range for men and women is designed for supreme comfort and the perfect fit.