ViDrate Community Committee

Do you enjoy ViDrate's healthy hydration sachet? Are you finding you are drinking more water because of ViDrate? Are you someone who wants to help make a difference, not matter how big or small....If so, then please read on.

Nick, Rob (Co-founders) and the team have been talking and we've decided it's time to get YOU more involved with ViDrate. We want the people to have a direct influence on how we go about building ViDrate, finding more amazing people to enjoy our brand and help people to ultimately drink more water and improve their health. 

ViDrate Community Hydration


ViDrate is looking to set up a Committee Group, made up of a select set of individuals with approximately 4-5 people involved at any one time. These inspiring individuals will be ViDrate's voice to the amazing 2,000+ group we have on Facebook. They will meet once every 3 months (in person or zoom) to discuss important matters such as:

  • ViDrate Community Meet Ups in the UK

  • What ViDrate can be doing more of (or less of!)

  • Influencing New Product Development 

  • Rewarding amazing community members 

Does this call to action sound of interest to you? Are you a team player inspired to help people drink more water and live a healthier life? If so, we would love to hear from you, so please, drop us an email today and we can provide further information.