ViDrate 1 Year Review - Lorna Loves

At the beginning of the year ViDrate received an amazing review from a genuine customer that had been drinking ViDrate for a year! The review was initially going to be a 6 month review which then changed to a year. Below we have included Lorna's full review as we value her feedback greatly and believe our customers deserve to see it. 


This blog post was originally a 6-month review which never got posted, however now it will be a year review and anything that needs to be mentioned will have a section below!


Everyone has probably seen how much I rave about ViDrate, since I got this product in January, I have had no regrets in picking this product up and I can honestly say, this product has changed my life. Hence the reason all I have done is post about it on my feed!


Why I Hate Water.

Strictly speaking, I don't hate water, I love water, I love the concept of water, it keeps our bodies well hydrated and can do wonders for our brains, skin, organs, etc. I would love to be that person who can easily just sit and drink 3 litres of icy cold water a day with no problems, but I just can't stand the taste.


For 25 years all I have heard is 'water doesn’t taste like anything', 'what if you were stranded in a desert' or 'you have a headache? How much did you drink today?' and to answer those questions, water tastes disgusting, I probably wouldn't drink water in a desert, I would dry up and die and no I don't drink water but I'm sure that won't fix my headaches. In fact, when I was a child I would always get heatstroke when my family took me on trips because I would simply refuse to drink water, eventually they gave up trying to make me drink it and would buy me oasis, because I was a very stubborn 7 year old ready to pass out before drinking water. I am still like that as an adult, if it isn't a venti soya latte with 8 pumps of caramel, Fanta Lemon or an iced tea, I'm not drinking it. In university I tried to drink more water, so I invested in those little squeezy bottles of Robinsons that you could take with you on the go, just so I could try drink more but it turns out they were super expensive for the maximum of 5 drinks I would get from them. My solution was ViDrate.



What is ViDrate & My First Impressions

ViDrate is an enhanced hydration powder with added vitamins and electrolytes made from all-natural ingredients, containing zero sugar.

I saw ViDrate in a Facebook ad, a free 30-day trial, as a student I am a sucker for anything free so of course I applied for it and got it sent out me. I did some research and saw that this little powder contained electrolytes and vitamins and I know a lot about what electrolytes do for the body, more on that later.


I got my ViDrate box and the first thing I noticed was the little personalised note on the front of the box, it is rare you get that from companies and immediately I was in love with the company. It was a nice touch. I immediately filled my water bottle up and tried the mixed berry flavour immediately and it was amazing! It tastes like a fruity, juicy flavoured water and the best part was the fact that there was no chemical sweetener aftertaste which I hate.



Why Do Electrolytes Hydrate Better Than Water?

Like I mentioned previously, ViDrate contains minerals and electrolytes and I know quite a bit about electrolytes and how they work for the body. In fact, it takes me way back to A Level Biology and the only reason this information stuck with me is the fact that electrolytes are great for the rehydration of the body and a great cure for hangovers. So, take it from the girl who has never had a hangover, electrolytes are the best. But how do they work and why do electrolytes hydrate us better than water?


It all starts with something called osmosis, this occurs in our bodies on a regular basis and is the key to keeping our cells hydrated! Osmosis occurs when solvent molecules (water) diffuses through a semi permeable membrane (our intestines) to a place with a higher concentration of solute partials (electrolytes), this helps to maintain the balance of water and electrolytes in our body.


But why does water with added electrolytes hydrate our bodies better than normal water? You can find trace amounts of electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and sodium in tap water, but this is often not enough to replenish the electrolytes lost in the body. Electrolytes can be lost through sweat, sickness and day to day life. We need electrolytes in our body to create that osmosis effect so our bodies can properly create a balance between water and electrolytes. If we drink too much water without replacing those electrolytes, osmosis won’t occur, and our bodies will be off balance. This means the water we are drinking, might not get into our system to properly hydrate us.

The bottom line, electrolytes will help us stay hydrated. But we need them in our body, added electrolytes in drinks will help us replenish the electrolytes that we lose and help water be absorbed better in our bodies. Keeping our bodies properly hydrated.



Why ViDrate?

ViDrate is an enhanced hydration powder that contains these amazing electrolytes and vitamin C and B12. Drinking ViDrate will help replace the electrolytes we lose in our bodies and help keep use hydrated!


ViDrate stands out from the rest! I used to drink Lucozade sport as a way of replacing electrolytes as it was highly promoted as a refreshing, hydration enhancer. I thought I was doing the best for my body, but I also didn't realise one Lucozade sport drink contains around 18g of sugar! ViDrate contains 0.22g of an all-natural sweetener called stevia, no nastier chemical sweeteners and no more nasty chemical aftertaste! In fact, ViDrate is all natural, even down to their vibrant pink and yellow colour, which is gained from the use of beetroot and carrot extracts.


ViDrate are also helping their customers cut down on their single use plastic usage, all their packaging is completely recyclable, even down to their little sachets. 1 sachet is the equivalent to 1 less plastic bottle in your life. And if you're anything like me and you hate water, bottled fruit juices and soft drinks become a way of life when you’re out and about because water is not an option.

ViDrate is also completely vegan, vegetarian and gluten free!


What I love about ViDrate?

As you can probably see from this post and my Instagram stories over the past year, I am totally in love with ViDrate.


Through my whole university education, I would suffer from headaches that would last for days. I would also get them while I worked on a weekend. I would always get asked if I had drunk much water that day and I would be in total denial that my headaches were caused by dehydration. In my final year my headaches escalated to a sharp pain around my left temple and eye, this would often leave me laying in bed trying everything I could to get rid of it. I convinced myself it was something bad. In January I discovered ViDrate and gave it a go, I have always struggled with drinking water because it tastes gross, in fact, I could probably go days without drinking water from a tap. I would live on bottled fruit juices, soft drinks and lattes, then occasionally I would feel a dryness in my mouth and then chug a whole pint of water, with Ribena mixed in, of course.


Within a few days of drinking ViDrate, I noticed I wouldn't be getting the headaches behind my eye and in 6 months, I can't say I have had that kind of headache ever. I have also noticed a huge decrease in headaches overall, but I am beyond happy that the nasty, behind the eye headaches have finally stopped. I thought I was just drinking more water with ViDrate, but in reality, I am getting a lifestyle overhaul from this product.


As well as seeing a massive decrease in my headaches, I have noticed my skin looks clearer and brighter from the inside out. I am drinking so much more water overall as these sachets make my water taste amazing. I have more energy and I can concentrate more, I went from falling asleep in lectures and having moments where I had no idea what my lecturer was saying, to staying alert and awake during them. I also found myself skipping the coffees and I no longer bought bottled drinks and soft drinks when in university and at lunchtimes, no longer paying £2.50 for a small coke made a massive difference to my bank account and I saved so much water.

Bringing me to my favourite part, these amazing little sachets are great for when you are on the go. I would just stick a few in my university bag and I could rip open the sachet and add it to my reusable water bottle whenever and wherever. This was something I could never do with my 1 litre bottle of Ribena and in all honestly, the little bottles of concentrated squash that you could squirt into water, taste like chemicals and artificial oranges. No thanks.


I give out my ViDrate like they’re the miracle cure for everything, my dad is diabetic and my mum has Crohns disease and knowing this will be the perfect pick me up for them when they're are having an off day has lead to many sachets being given away. My parents have even started asking for them when they aren't feeling themselves and they're always happy with the results. I have also recommended these to my co-workers, university friends and my boyfriend.



Why You Need It?

In case you haven't made your mind up, I’m going to tell you exactly why you need it:

- It is great for exercise and the gym; it will keep you hydrated without the added sugars

- It will improve your skin and make it look super glowy

- If you hate the taste of water and find it hard to fit it into your routine, ViDrate tastes amazing and you'll never want to drink anything else

- It is great for you if you're dieting as it is low in calories and water speeds up your metabolism

- It helps you save money if you're like me and you wont drink water while out and about

- It is great for hangovers and the prevention of hangovers. Tried and tested.

- It is great for travel, take it to school, take it to work, take it on your flight. Stay hydrated.

- It is an amazing way to cut down on single use plastics while still getting a tasty fruity flavoured drink

- It is perfect for kids looking for sweet sugary cordials and soft drinks and refuse to drink water

- If you're looking to support more small businesses and support real people, the people behind ViDrate are amazing and super customer focused.

- It is low in calories, all natural, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and super tasty



After A Year Of ViDrate

After a year of drinking ViDrate I can say I am still in love with this product. The team released 2 more flavours of the enhanced hydration powder and I am obsessed with their strawberry and lime flavour! It is really fruity and reminds me of an ice lolly so would be perfect on a hot day!

I have also been enjoying drinking my ViDrate hot over the winter, I just add a bit of honey, boiling water and my ViDrate sachet and it tastes like a hot fruit tea.

After a year of drinking ViDrate I have fully converted the whole family onto drinking these and they love them as much as I do, I even spoke to the team and asked if I could get a 120 sachet a month subscription! It is insane.

Alongside this, I have been drinking the new boost and night-time version of the ViDrate sachets which I will be talking about in a separate blog post but I am obsessed with the night time drink!

As I mentioned previously, my headaches have pretty much disappeared and now if I feel myself getting a headache, I know it is because I haven't been drinking enough water or maybe I missed a day drinking my ViDrate. However from this I have noticed how dehydrated my body can get and when my body gets dehydrated, whereas before I started taking ViDrate, I never thought I was dehydrated.

In a whole year of taking ViDrate, I barely drink squash and I have even started to substitute coffee and other hot drinks for a hot ViDrate which seems crazy to me! Whenever I go anywhere, I know to take a few sachets of ViDrate, my reusable plastic bottle and I am all set. No more paying out for overpriced drinks and I have saved so much money!



Pricing & Subscriptions

I currently get ViDrate shipped to me once a month and have done since January 2020! As I mentioned previously, the first month of the ViDrate subscription is completely free and if you just want to try it for a month then there are always plenty of discounts and bundles on offer! The subscribe and save subscription is only £14.95 a month for 30 sachets which is the one I get. However you can also grab an 8 pack for £6.40 which will let you try before you fully commit. You can also give the supreme pack a go which includes 30 sachets of your choice, a free shirt and black reusable water bottle all for £29.90!

ViDrate also have payment plan options too! I bought my Night Time sachets using Clearpay but ViDrate have just introduced buy now pay later with Klarna as I write this! With one sachet costing only 50p with the monthly subscription, you can't go wrong!


To me ViDrate is more than hydration and a tasty drink on the go. it is a product that has changed my life. Backed by a team who really care about their product and their customers and their ethics and I am all for it! Drinking more water was the best 2020 New Years Resolution which was made so much easier to stick to thanks to ViDrate! You can find the ViDrate website here, but be sure to find them on Instagram and Facebook too!



We would love to say a huge thank you to Lorna for writing such a great review and it is amazing to see how ViDrate is helping so many of our customers! Make sure so give Lorna a follow over on her Instagram @_lornaloves.